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Hi there. I’m Rebecca Strong, a Boston-based health and wellness writer, and former tech reporter. Currently, I contribute to Insider, Health magazine, Healthline, AskMen, and Bustle, among other outlets. I imagine you came to Substack because you’re frustrated with how difficult it’s become to separate fact from corporate-spun fiction. You’re tired of the absurdly duplicative, biased, sensationalist, propagandistic content you’re used to getting on corporate news sites and channels. I’m glad you found me — because I am, too.

Having been a member of the media machine for a decade now, I know firsthand why and how this industry fails to serve our democracy by keeping our citizens informed and holding those in power accountable. So, here’s my promise to you: I’ll do my best to fill in those gaps.

What people are saying:

"No hyperbole, no conspiracy theories, just the plain facts."

"A welcome new voice of clarity in a cacophony of propaganda."

"A brilliant reminder of what investigative journalism is supposed to look like."

"I hope more journalists join [Rebecca] in the Herculean effort required to oppose the villains in charge of so many crimes against humanity."

“Should be mandatory reading.”

“A breath of fresh air.”

“Excellent and important work.”

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Rebecca Strong

Rebecca Strong is a Boston-based freelance health and wellness writer currently contributing to Insider, Health magazine, Healthline, Eat This Not That, and more. You can follow her work on Twitter: @_bexstrong.