May 5 • 10M

On U.S. Wartime Propaganda, Virtue Signaling & The Cruciality of Context

A Conversation With Media/History Experts Mickey Huff & Nolan Higdon

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Distilling down the expert interviews I've been conducting for this Big Media series has proved immensely challenging. That’s why, between some written posts for this series, I’ll be uploading some supplementary audio.

In the above clips, I spoke separately with Project Censored Director Mickey Huff and history/media studies lecturer Nolan Higdon about the U.S. news’ propagandistic coverage of the Russia-Ukraine war, Americans’ lack of context around these events, and why that’s dangerous. (Incidentally, FAIR founder Jeff Cohen exposed the blatant hypocrisy in this reporting via a recent piece for Salon.)

Feel free to share your thoughts below! And thanks for listening.