Apr 19 • 15M

On Controlling The Narrative: A Conversation With Project Censored Director Mickey Huff

A snippet of audio from our recent interview reveals more relevant details on the impact and motives for media consolidation.

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Distilling down the expert interviews I've been conducting for this Big Media series has proved more challenging than expected — the conversations have been so engaging and informative that I wish I could include every single tidbit that came out of them. But it occurred to me that since I have audio recordings of these interviews, there's no reason why I can't share more with you. So, in between each written post for this series, I’ll be uploading supplementary audio clips like these just in case you’re hungry for more context.

Project Censored Director Mickey Huff and I discussed everything from the U.S. corporate news’ portrayal of the Russia-Ukraine conflict and the Hunter Biden laptop scandal to the CIA's known infiltration of the media (more on all of that later). Huff is basically a walking encyclopedia of media studies, and his vast historical knowledge allows him to analyze current events in a massively insightful way. Over the course of the hour and a half that we spoke, we laughed, we lamented, and I learned a hell of a lot.

Hope you do, too.